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How Many Elderberries Does It Take?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Some simple math and thought has to go into planning to determine the number of Elderberry cuttings needed on your property!

If a person consumes 1 tablespoon per day of Elderberry Syrup which equals .5 ounces. If you desire to take a tablespoon a day for just the 5 winter months, you would need approximately 5 months worth of syrup which would be approximately 150 days.

Using 150 days times .5 ounce equals a need for 75 ounces of syrup or by rounding up, ten 8 ounce bottles. Stay with me here on the math (LOL!)

So a good rule of thumb for making potent Elderberry Syrup is to use a minimum of a half of pound of elderberries in each 8 ounces of syrup.

That translates into every person would need to have available to them 10 lbs. of fresh American Elderberries (Sambucus Canadensis) per year!

Follow along as we discuss tips on growing your own Elderberries.

Visit us at Elderberry Springs Farm where you can place your order for Elderberry Cuttings and Elderberry Syrup. You can also call 518-659-1411 or email us at

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