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Elderberry Bushes Grow Best When....

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

On our last blog we had determined, through direct Elderberry homestead growing experience, that each household member needed to have 5 Elderberry bushes allocated to them per year This is in order to yield the 10 lbs of American Elderberries needed to make the 75 ounces of syrup for the November to March Annual Flu Season.

So now that you know how many cuttings you will need, let us talk a little bit about site selection for your plantings. Elderberries can be trained into a beautiful, dense, and symmetrical Living Fence/ Hedgerow or they can be left to grow as an eye pleasing individual free standing bush.

Contrary to popular belief, Elderberries DO NOT like to have their roots always wet in swampy or marshy land. Elderberries like to be NEAR moist soil, but not in it!

On the edge of, or bermed above wet ground in full sun exposure is ideal. A perfect growing spot would also have good air flow or frequent light to medium wind. The wind exposure is key to aid in pollination!

Next blog will go into greater detail on planting spacing.

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