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About Our Farm

From our family orchard to your family's wellness

Elderberry Springs Farm grows the delicious Elderberry “Fruitaceutical”.  Don’t you just love that descriptive word for this Superfruit?

Our history with Elderberries goes back to 1988 when we first purchased this farm.  The prior owners had raised sheep on these gorgeous mountain pastures and curiously all along the fence rows were Elderberries.  We ignored these thriving wild plants, saw them as a nuisance, and often cut them back to keep the fence lines clear (LOL!).

In 2013 we started to have the desire to farm again (our parents were farmers), but wanted to move away from traditional crops and grow medicine this time. We explored establishing many different types of medicinal herbs, and then realized that Mother Nature had all along has been telling us what to grow on our unusual high elevation but wet spring fed slopes.

So with the goal to grow medicine to help people stay healthy, while simultaneously keeping ourselves fit and active, we planted separate fields of commercial elderberry cuttings (York and Nova). The net result is that we established orchards that create a high quality product that may help people follow a natural wellness path in their own lives.

Our farming family is so happy that science now substantiates what our elders (pun intended) have taught for generations: the health benefits of elderberries.  We consume elderberries daily, in many different traditional and sugar free forms.

At Elderberry Springs Farm we are deeply committed:

  • To never use herbicides

  • To use organic fertilizers

  • To employ organic methods of pest control

Even though we farm with organic practices, we will not seek official organic certification. To do that would take far more energy, time, and money resources than a farm our size has.  Instead we devote these resources to sustainable healthy fruit production and living soil care which ultimately yields the most nutrient dense fruit.

We hope that our present and future grandchildren will fondly remember that we smelled of elderberries! (thinly veiled reference to a classic movie)

So from our spring fed land in the Taconic Mountains, we warmly invite you to experience the great taste, researched natural health benefits, and mythical lore of Elderberry Springs Farm’s Elderflower and Elderberry products.



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